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To know to conquer people and to involve them with its intention of business. To have domain of cause and effect. To analyze all the weak points that can confuse the result of its business, evaluating the situation in well realistic way, so that if frustre if its enterprising business at the beginning does not reach the maximum of its result and its expectations of its enterprise. For this, it must study and analyze the market and its competitors. To be chemical preparation, disponibilizando tools that are innovative and having competitive advantages before the competition. 5. Summary in Portuguese: It is of extreme relevance to have an enterprise that the objective is the constant satisfaction in taking care of to the demand and the globalizado market, becoming it offers of a product and/or much more competitive and qualitative service. The innovative and enterprising technological trends make with that the organizations if keep alive in the market, far from the bankruptcy and failure in its business.

For in such a way, the organizacionais taking of steps and changes they must be placed in the practical one. A strategical planning in the areas must exist efficient: advertising, logistic, marketing, financier, human resources and terceirizados as countable and right, so that thus the enterprise takes care of the necessities of globalizado market. The entrepreneur is an agent transforming, capable to glimpse the company as a whole, is felt proud and plays its function with all the satisfaction, has the freedom to create new methods and ideas of business that increase the profitability of the company. He is insistent how much to the reach of its objectives, it is pro-asset and always this searching new challenges. 6. Summary in English: It is extremely important you have project the goal is satisfaction in meeting the constant demand and global market, making the supply of product/service quality and lives competitive.