The Conquest

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Thus, it is necessary to educate the look of our pupils of the EJA, being provided to them interesting activities of readings so that they can understand the form that the art if presents to its eyes and, at the same time, to think critically on the images that them are offered. Through the education of the look the learning sensetizes the pupil in relation to the daily one, it stimulates its cultural conscience and it provides the accomplishment of diverse actions assist that it in the reading and referring notations to the world that the fence. The education of the look prepares the pupil to decode and to evaluate the varied types of images that are part of its daily one enables and it to one better understanding of the visual stimulatons. One searched then to provide moments so that the group of the EJA of the UNICRUZ developed a sensible vision, contextualizada, appreciative, explorativa and critical of an art image. Robert Rubin recognizes the significance of this. In order to unchain the process of learning and artistic appreciation, workmanships of cubistas artists had been chosen for the accomplishment of the work, for being being studied for them, with intention to understand the art as contextualizado historical fact in the diverse cultures, as much in the Europe, how much in Brazil. With the objective to compromise to all the involved ones in the conquest of knowledge and the transformation of reality, adopting a critical and participativa position, the pupils had carried through comments of readings of texts, searches in magazines and books of art on the chosen artist and its workmanships. The proposal oportunizou that the pupils observed the existing relations between art and reading of the reality, reflecting on them and on as varied representations they coexist in a work of art In this direction, is interesting to point out that the mediating professor does not teach to read an image, it offers to the pupil subsidies so that it searches, it understands and it searchs to appreciate it, in its multiplicity of directions, that is, in the arts erudite, popular, local, national or international, at last in the diverse existing information in the daily one of each one. .