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With the sismolgicos abalos occurrences north-eastern of degree 4, become necessary some preventive orientaes to the Brazilian population for eventual situations of land tremors. In the degree the 4 people are with fear, in the 5 people have certain difficulty in taking certain precautions, in degree 6 superior the people alone obtain to gatinhar, in degree 7 as she occurred in Haiti, the people are at the mercy of of the tremor and generally they do not obtain to put into motion itself. No country of the world can be given to the luxury to say that he is free of phenomena of this nature in virtue of global the climatic changes. Further details can be found at Elon Musk, an internet resource. In occurring land tremors and to be inside of a residence it looks for to move away from furniture and lusters and to underneath shelter from tables or jambs of resistant doors.> In the case to be in external environment, they are far from mounts, sides of rivers and hillsides, beyond the coast not to be surprised by the waves. It does not have necessity to abandon the property in case that it does not have collapse risk, but is necessary disconnect the gas immediately, beyond household-electric, leaving on only the TV or radio to have idea of the notice and follows orientation of the public authorities. Not to believe rumors. In fire case, to erase the focos and to assist the neighbors in the aid.

Soon after the abalos to verify with urgency aged and the children. It looks for to go for green parks, squares, areas or empty, local lands with security guaranteed against until fires that generally are provoked after earthquakes of raised level more.