The Eternal

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Rule 5. Can or bottle? Drink beer out of Banks cool? Yeah, of course, if you drink shitty beer. Beer in the banks is rapidly cooled, but still drink it needed from the glass so as not to feel the taste of banks in the first place, and not to drink ahead of time, secondly. Especially if it is a very large bank. Pour beer into a mug and drink slowly, and only after it can be empty mug to pour more. Rule 6. Do not keep it in your hands Stop it all night long to pull in the hands of his beer. Put it on the table that you have nothing else hands to take? Most people do not realize how strongly and quickly heats up in the hands of a glass and drink.

And in the heat as any beer, even a very expensive and very good, turns to garbage. Rule 7. Love for free? You're one of those people who never buys a beer to your friends? Of course, you quietly accept a treat from the other and hoping that when the suit's your turn to buy beer or throw off the next box, everything would already be too drunk to remember. The devil take you! Threw at least a little in the pile from time to time. Do you know what happens with the meanie who are not thrown off along with all the beer? During this terrible sin they will go to hell, where the very, very no beer general fluid not only your tears, to extinguish the eternal flame.