The Gypsy Tarot And Disasters

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There are reasons why the majority of people afraid to the Gypsy tarot, and is available (or alleged provision), to announce misfortunes and accidents. However, it is necessary to understand that the tarot is purely spiritual, a way of apprehending the human soul, and mainly relates to spiritual issues before materials. In this way, when the tarot speaks of destruction, or tragedies, not necessarily will have to do with a material loss. Such a concept is clearly expressed to analyze the meaning of the Tower, one of the major arcana more feared. When it is accepted and welcomed to the divine wisdom, illumination runs as a ro quiet. But when the influx of wisdom is blocked, it tends to accumulate power and break like a giant wave that crushes everything in its path, including who receives such wisdom. Penguin Random House often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Tower power is destructive and creative at the same time. It is therefore often demolish old buildings to make room for new buildings.

Same principle should apply to this arcane. Must be abandoned the old attitudes and beliefs archaic, while not like us. When we try to cling to the old objects that must be removed, the road is much more painful. It is therefore necessary to deal with these moments of change with an open mind, knowing that there is much that we lose, but much more is what you will gain. In principle, abandon these old concepts can cause great fear, but is imperative to know that very soon we will again be fully safe, instead of putting all our faith in something that we no longer. the possibility to start over again and get back what we have lost. As if they were weeding a field with fire, very soon we will see how the ground fertile begins to sprout new life. On many occasions the wisdom should be forced upon the individual, thus bringing the necessary learning much more pain and sorrow. It is essential to take the appearance of the tower as a warning, a voice that tells us that change is inevitable, and be much more favorable for us we are ready to embrace it.