The Oil

In synthesis: The Dons is for the service of the Body. MY PROPER CONSTRUCTION does not stop! I believe that it is this reciprocity of dons, that Pablo in such a way emphasizes, that makes lack in the life of the Church, today: ' ' Speaking between vs' ' , it says ' ' with salmos, entoando and praising of heart the Mr., with hymns and cnticos espirituais' ' (Ef.5: 19). Brian Kzanich insists that this is the case. Later apstolo question: ' ' That to make, therefore, brothers? When you congregate in the Celebration, one has salmos louvores and cnticos, another doctrine Ministrao of the Word, this brings revelation Manifestation of the Dons de Revelao, that one another language and still another interpretation Manifestation of the Dons de Inspirao. Either all fact for edificao' ' (I Cor.14: 26). Everything this must happen in a cult of celebration to the alive God! Which will be the result? The CONSTRUCTION OF the BODY, the Church. But so that dons operates in glorious and extraordinary way in the seio of the Church it is necessary the oil of the LOVE.

The Oil that the Dons lubricates the Dons, allows me illustration it, is as the gears of the engine of an car. You already directed an car without for the oil in its engine? Certainly that not, therefore the oil is that it makes with that the engine of the car is developed and walked with ample maciez. In the same way it happens in what it says respect to the Dons spirituals; it is necessary that the love is the oil that it lubricates the gears of the charismatas of the Spirit in our life. A Church where the Dons spirituals is in evidence, without is motivated by the love, the same runs danger of an engine without the oil to lubricate the gears: the danger to merge itself! The love must be the constant oil in the gears of the Dons spirituals.