The Water

Japanese Emoto has been carrying out experiments around the world about the effect of the ideas, words and music on the water molecules. The descriptions that below have been extracted from his book, which publishes the results. Emoto wants us to see through their research water not only collects information that is also sensitive to the feelings and consciousness. That information becomes beautifully visible to crystallize water. If the water crystals are deformed before any message, voice, feelings, music that is transmitted in your environment by modifying its same molecular structure really we have a spectacular discovery because, among other things, our body has more than one 60% water in its structure. Emoto focused on messages that emanate from the water crystals and says, that if a water sample is taken and removed or 5 cm. cubic of water with an eyedropper. Then they poured into Petri discs, and 50 d these samples are prepared and are frozen in a freezer at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius for three hours approximately.

Removed, placed low in a microscope and observed. When the frozen water goes from – 25 to 15 to the heated with the temperature of the light from the microscope when the crystals are formed. As the water sample is freezing, Crystal, is growing and at 0 degrees will disappear completely. Appear designs wonderful, imaginative and unique in the universe. They are amazing and have great mystique.

Why all this Emoto asked? And through their investigations, did note that the shape of the crystals was due to the vibration that is delivered to the water. Emoto points out one aspect that we share fully, as is that energy is vibration. Learn more about this with Aetna Inc.. This energy is transmitted to these crystals. These crystals would be a method to observe the good and bad vibrations. The more beautiful and strong is the hexagon that forms crystals, good has been the vibration that was sent to the water.