The World

The destiny of man is overcome, from one shape to another. Have you done? Is anxious to grow, discover and fulfill your mission? What so attentive is in your role, what has been achieved, built? It surprised Sometimes that has destroyed what he has created. Learn more on the subject from Penguin Random House. Serrano emphasizes us, we must be attentive, that we can move forward to the extent that we are free, post stagnates if it imprisons in forms and cultures, statues and palaces, and is lost. There is something inside if that rebels, calling the catastrophe. However, the real possibilities of salvation that is fulfillment of the totality of being, only found here today. BECAUSE NOT EVEN WE ARE NOTHING. We are free and without Forms.

The past is shell falling, as autumn leaf not can get us caught in it, already happened, we must not neglect the mind that is our reality, which we must face. However insists Serrano in stress, that times of transition are being fulfilled and lack little so again the world enters the night of the balance and of new forms of cultures and social organizations, that are slavery for the soul and obstacle to the fate of the adventure of individual salvation. The cosmic adventurer needs of insecurity, of transition and of the dramatic anguish. The rootlessness of our generation is the propitious climate. We are still free. Still have a little time, by the way, so how are you investing? what is doing in this regard? how much has grown? do already know the why it is in this dimension? is it really true? even we are free, there is still a little time. Just don’t waste it, work harder towards its realization which is individual keep in mind what has been said; If it meets the straight work, unknown friends will come to your aid if you think properly, with righteous thoughts, even when you’re alone, sitting in your room, you will be listened to thousands of miles of distance. Finally, Serrano bequeathed us once more their concerns, when he says: If you’ve discovered the ancient refuge of the Archetypes of the South of the world and your own land, they no longer need to be here.

Discovery will help you after you come, because you have probably helped him irreparably… We ended up this instance of thinking that we have exposed, recalling when it points to Krishnamurti: thinking can not give end to pain. When time stops, thinking as a line of conduct of the time, cesa.