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Ambassadors of the twenty-three countries of the EU reaction was swift. Instructions agreed upon beforehand, they marched to not hear anything more than one ‘hate speech’, and described as them the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, in an official statement. The gesture was jaleado with applause and shouts by a large group of Jews who shouted “shame” and “stop racism”. We, like the rest of ambassadors, have followed the slogan of the (Czech) Presidency of the Union, which was that at the time that we were listening to opinions not acceptable for Europe abandonariamos the room. The Iranian President has spoken of a racist State (in reference to Israel) and why we went,”explained the Spanish representative to the UN, Javier Garrigues. The diplomat clarified, however, that the gesture does not mean that the Union is leaving the Conference, unless there is a really serious matter. The EU, with the exception of the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland, decided to participate in the meeting under the condition not to accept any abuse, among others, qualify as racist Israel on Sunday night.

He is said that the words of Ahmadinejad were not the only uncomfortable moment of the opening day of the meeting which aims to overcome the controversy of the first UN Conference on racism that was held in 2001 in Durban South Africa, when the representatives of Israel and United States were angry after the Arab countries tacharan the Jewish nation from ‘Racist State’. There was a no less noisy preamble. The gesture of the Europeans has been received with applause and shouts by a large group of Jews who shouted shame and stop racism. The activists were kept out of the room, but still screams could be heard from the outside. Adds the elcorreodigital.com, boycott, especially of EE UU, does not sit well with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, who He also said that he thought talking to Ahmadinejad.