Virtuous Law

While element magician-spiritual activated and oferendado in the nature, does not possess exempts will, for this force activated in our level does not have I begin, only half and when we speak I BEGIN, this has the origin meaning, therefore in the origin exu is neutral and in the way it is dual and assumes the nature summons that to give to it, therefore he does not have exempts will. If to advance in the law of carma in a rational study and to think of impartial form, we will see exu as executor of the law of carma to the service of the Law Biggest, therefore in truth we do not receive a demand or the least a negative thought without deserving, therefore until a sofredor spirit or a obcessor in them the carmica law is on for concernentes affinities. In this incarnation we can until being good people and virtuous, to put due to our adormecimento in the meat, we do not know what we were in other incarnations, therefore we can have debits of an occured incarnation to the five a thousand years behind and only now that we are apt, that is with a level of raised conscience, we are charged by the Law Biggest where, the law of carma enters in execution to liquidate ours divides stops with a committed act when we were in disequilibrium.. Jayme Albin contains valuable tech resources.