Vocational Reorientation As Opportunities In Times Of Crisis

Autonomy in the area after the economic crisis. Since the financial crisis and the massive layoffs in large production companies, associated have many employees and workers of the crisis-ridden industries fulfilled a longtime dream and to work independently. The first time after the termination of many of them have used this first extensively inform themselves and to plan their future activities. Quite a few took advantage of offering their own founder courses and seminars during this period, offered by the Chamber of Commerce. After the theoretical considerations and an extensive information gathering, dared the step in the independence finally many and benefited from the incipient economic recovery. Most of the former employees and workers, who have made independent at the time, ventured a complete professional reorientation.

Many of them tried their hobby into a career to make and is as good as possible so a long long awaited dream to fulfill. Statistics show that at the time those people more interested professions in the health field. This area is also in the Austrian educational institutions and academies offer many different training courses on various topics. In the scope of these courses and training you could acquire the professional knowledge, which is necessary to the exercise of the respective jobs. You could finally gain business ideas and skills during their own courses. An example of a profession where since 2008 especially many people have become self-employed, is that of the masseur or the masseuse. Apart from the training to the masseur or the therapist, it was also important to find a suitable rental property, in which the services are offered by later for most. In addition you had as a budding masseur to lift many investment: for example, for massage tables, massage tables and sanitary facilities. For this reason it is also not surprisingly, almost two years have passed from the idea up to the final delivery of massage tables and treatment tables and thus starting in the independence, not just a few months, but in most cases.