What Is An SUV ?

What is an suv? "Road vehicle" – is the official term. suv – a machine sverhprohodimosti. At such a car can not be afraid to leave the road. Very often the suv has a constant four-wheel drive, big size, big tires, and a powerful engine. However, it should be noted that this type of car and fuel consumption – an appropriate one. suv designed for driving on the roads impassable and terrain. This is the first massive army machine with a mandatory suspension of all wheels, a simple open-top, and with openings instead of doors, which was created by request of the U.S. Army at the time.

World War ii. This was the answer to the commander's car with simple bodies, which appeared in the 30's. The first suv of the Soviet Union – was made in 1941, called the GAZ-64. During the war of SUVs enjoyed great popularity among veterans, and produced in large editions. Over time, SUVs began to spread around the world under different brand names.