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The funny thing, this time, was the first response from the Capitol: No. Both in the great depression of 1929 and the humblest of 2000, both Chambers sought to tackle financial losses and ward off recessionary ghosts. Do, then Republicans and Democrats refused shaped initial consent to the rescue? By principles: what fault the blunders of some taxpayers are few who believed that the bubble would not pinch yourself as soon? Definitely plan bailout prompted George W. Bush Administration to contain the financial and stock market debacle was approved yesterday at noon by the House of representatives (deputies) and an hour later signed into law by President George W. Bush. But the 700 billion dollars that the Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson will receive for rescue to the investment banks in problems seems to not have been enough for Wall Street, which closed with a drop of 1.49%. Markets Latin Americans and Asians also fell. European stock markets, however, closed with significant hikes.Journal the reason for Argentina, gives us also, that the rescue plan received 263 votes in favor and 171 against.

And it was approved by decision of the Democrats, since among the Republicans won the no. The project had received half penalty Wednesday in the Senate, where it had introduced modifications once on Monday two thirds of Deputies Republicans and one-third of Democrats rejected the original draft of the White House. That day, Wall Street closed with a drop of 6.98%, one of the worst in its history.Approval of the bailout plan was celebrated by Bush, who thanked the Capitol for helping the American economy to survive the financial storm. Democratic candidate Barack Obama, for his part, said happy and He said it is necessary to make sure that the treasure is structuring these assets so that it protects those who pay taxes. And the Republican candidate, John McCain, said that the rescue plan should help to the middle classes, not Wall Street. In any case with the approval of the Plan, Bush achieved an agreement that it was necessary for the country that requires a new leadership that you rescue him and lead him down the path where it should be, safeguarding democracy, freedom and collaborating with all those countries which know of their hemogenia but with respect, without submission, or oppression. Original author and source of the article.