With Photovoltaics In Independence

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The Sun writes no bills, even in winter. Owners of solar thermal heating shower and warm with the warm feeling of your worthwhile investment. The same good feeling is now possible with photovoltaics, because self-generated solar power can bring independence from electricity suppliers every homeowner. So far, domestic consumption was possible, not advisable from an economic standpoint, since the electricity generated to obtain the higher remuneration in the public network had to be fed. Since January 1, 2009, that changed, the gained electricity can now be used for your own household and will be paid in addition at 25.01 cents. This now allows the next important step on the road of economic and ecological independence.

The electricity meter run backward with a SOLAR EASY power photovoltaic system on the roof of a detached house homeowners can produce the amount of electricity in the year they need for your household in a year. At night, when the Sun provides no electricity, the electricity from the regular network is purchased. If during the day in overproduction the electric meter backwards runs and the electric bill goes down, I could make an air jump for joy”so Mr. Beck from Karlstein. Advice and experience an optimal consulting is the basis for the best solar technology and secures your investment for decades. Peter solar specialists solar, the SOLAR EASY supplier, advise individual customers with this in mind. Financing models, are an important basis for the decision of the house owners through soft KFW loans, with specific yield calculation. In personal consultations informed the SOLAR EASY consultants to take customers through your personal options programmes and carries out individual rate of return calculations.

With SOLAR EASY, Peter offers the most innovative and best products from solar technology solar and heat technology, combined with many years of experience. So delivers and installs Peter Solar systems made in Germany’ with best efficiencies. Peter has solar – und Warmetechnik GmbH Peter solar with 30 years experience in the solar and heating to a fixed size in the Rhine-main area developed. Peter assembles solar with the individual energy consultancy the best technique for the respective budget. Thus the solar specialist ensures its customers the optimum value for the investment.