Writer Reading

Well, if you are reading this article, you are because she believes that she can be a good writer, certain? Congratulations! Already the first step was given! A writer is a personage who dares to be a small god, therefore is a person who has an anxiety to write, to create histories, lives But he comes somebody and he says there that you do not have talent. What it is the talent, after all? We go to see what some find on the subject: ' ' Talent is cheaper than salt. What it separates the talentosa person of the well-occurred one duro.&#039 is very work; ' (Stephen King) ' ' The luck to have talent is not enough, is necessary also to have talent for sorte.' ' (Hector Berlioz) ' ' The talentos reach goals that nobody more can reach; the geniuses reach goals that nobody never obtains ver.' ' (Arthur Schopenhauer) ' ' Everybody has a talent. What it is rare is the courage to follow the talent for the dark place where it leva.' ' (It makes bristle Jong) ' ' The talent is not enough to make the writer. Behind the book it must have homem.' ' (Ralph Waldo Emerson) ' ' The imagination is more important that conhecimento.' ' Albert Einstein ' ' At crisis moments, the imagination is only more important that conhecimento.' ' Albert Einstein Ok. But and there? How this if applies a writer? Easy! If you believe what she writes, if you love writing, you have talent.

I write what I would like to read, what I find good of if reading Thus Lewis made C.S. He is what I make; he is what a good writer must make, but must prevent to fall in a trap that is to write of egoistic form. It must be written freely, but with the mind opened for diverse ideas, therefore optimum half to improve our writing is reading terms that in them point the certain way! rsrs. ' ' If he has a book that you want to read, but was not written still, then you must escrev-lo.' ' (Toni Morrison) To write is not creates bobagens, is to create works of art. Until briefing!