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Other advantages of publishing them in directories of articles is that people begin to take you as an expert in your niche market and even webmasters of other blogs can also publish your articles and thereby benefit you with traffic that already have these blogs. -If we have a time line and already have a particular traffic as we move more fluently in this topic, the reason is that for example our blog already has numerous articles by which if a day or two don’t publish our blog visitors always find quality content to learn or use in your business. In these cases there are free plugins for wordpress that shows visitors articles related by what always counted with information to read. To do this you can use the plugins Simple tags, Related Entries, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, LinkWithin even with the Arkayne Related Links Plugin plugins can display content related our blog and other blogs, which can help us in our positioning also. -There are blogs which by its subject matter or be blogs that are edited with bar managers present several articles per day, but this is not our case because the function of these sites is different to ours. -When we are monetizing a blog through the presentation of articles on affiliate products or review in English is suitable to collate those articles with articles that provide aid to our audience, so the time of publication determine it us, usually every two or three days articles to provide help to their readers and a weekly review of a product that we are promoting. Source: Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq.

Ultimately the publication of articles is defined by what we want to achieve with our work, it is recommended that you publish in different ways and observe the referred traffic that results Gets, thus you yourself will be becoming a guide to follow with their own business on the internet. If you need more information about the creation of articles and everything related to work with blogs I invite you to visit me in the blog where you will find extensive information for use on your blog. There is a rule or a law that tells us how much we should publish an article. It is true that there are proven procedures, which we need not reinvent the wheel again but with regard to this topic we are we that we should determine the best for our blog according to results that we are having during the March.