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The Telephony Service

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The phone what customers today want in the telephone communication is impossible to imagine modern business relationship. A large part of the communication is done via this medium, and recent studies predict ex-potential growth. Because today initiated by the mass distribution of service numbers many communication occasions over the phone, this is used like by customers as a touchstone for company promises. Also, customers increasingly determine the contact with a supplier. Credit: Capital One Financial Corp.-2011. In the telephone communication, they need the right time, the appropriate situation and an unobtrusive approach.

Bring the right wire to counterparts on the phone convincing through competence and social relationship intelligence is more in demand than ever. In addition, customers appreciate discussions, which bring great benefits in fact and the results of which are actually implemented. That means for the company: 1 the requirements for the level of knowledge on the phone is growing, 2. dezidierter providing Information and specific details is expected 3. The quality of services is becoming more and more in relation to relevant customer information, and 4. The economics of the solutions based increasingly matching on the value beliefs of the customers.

The telephony service will in the future by customers equated with solutions, the dealing with sustainable meet of their core needs: deal with individuality, personality, recognition and self-realization. The customer needs to understand immediately and this needs to take are therefore to be regarded as the key factors of the future and correspond with the communicative competence of the company carefully and seriously listen to the customer, and to obtain all necessary information. An intensive needs assessment and intuitive understanding in the consultation cause then that can customers receive the right offerings and the customer relationship in each phase matching. Conclusion of every customer always has questions regarding its products or urgent need for clarification his service provider. Here are personal communication and a personal service not to under-estimate and cannot use the conventional instruments of mass telephony”is done. Uniqueness in the service is a key success factor for a working relationship in the long term, this opportunity now to use it to create a long-term competitive advantage.