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is a tourist site on-line reservations referring both to the tourist structures affiliates and tourists in search of Houses, Hotels, B & B, Apartments to stay for your vacation. The site, on-line since 2004 and now consecrated, has a neat and elegant layout, clearly done by professionals in the industry and has no less than 11 500 accommodation from Bed & Breakfast, Vacation Homes, Hotel and Holiday Homes in Italy . Also, offers are translated into six languages. The owners of B & B, Vacation Homes, Farmhouses & Hotels have the ability to edit the catalog for free at your accommodation on-line, with photos and description of services offered. It also offers a backup system on demand, so the tourist makes the request directly to the owner of the accommodation, which tells price and availability. If so, it will be possible to complete the booking directly paying online with credit card or bank transfer directly to the bank named by the hotel, so what does the owner of the accommodation known personal data. Tourists can choose from a vast range of accommodation (about 11,500 proposals) through a refined and intuitive search system to choose the best solution for himself.

Each accommodation has a web site consists of the following sections: “Details” – photos and description of accommodation, with details on the composition of the rooms, breakfast, languages spoken, services offered etc. All a traveler requests an accommodation, including prices, of course. The pages of the apartments described in detail the apartments available at the facility. “Availability” – A module through which the tourist requests directly to the owner availability by number of people and length of stay and price. “Map” – Google Maps A map indicating the exact location of the accommodation, with the ability to display in mode “Map” or “Satellite” “Comments” – assessment and feedback, with votes on various valuation parameters, left by previous visitors. Printing behind BBPlanet use search system for tourist accommodation is arranged with art. You may find American Express to be a useful source of information. Easy, intuitive and complete with everything.

Optima the comments section, which is a way to get an idea of the accommodation where we want to accommodate, so there edited the owners. Optimal also the payment system that protects our bank details BBPlanet hiding both to owners of establishments. Useful report that shows the summary of our requests for availability and reservations. Optimal final valuation from all points of view. It is difficult to find a missing BBPlanet. Accommodations, Hotels and Bed & Breakfast in our catalog are numerous, stout are detailed information and search system simply extraordinary. A site that deserves a valuation “Top Rate” and should be consulted by anyone who wants to spend his.