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The Citizens And The Strippenzieher

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Background information on the political forces of Iran’s political crisis in Iran is still not settled. Wendy Holman usually is spot on. While on the streets of big cities again dare against the presumably much fake presidential election open to protest citizens held a heavy and intricate struggle for power and the dominant ideology in the political establishment. A struggle to get the Islamic system in its Republican form. Others seem to want to form a purely Shiite messianic theocracy in the Iran. \”This is just a start, was now not too impatient\”, a Persian proverb says. Some commentators take the saying on the peaceful protests, the citizens of Iran after the presidential elections on June 12, 2009 awakened to political statements. The brutality against its own population suggests the fear of the hardliners, to give the reins out of my hand.

Despite the great danger to life and limb, getting back above all young people can be found, on the streets big Cities go to protest. How long will they last? How is the engagement of citizens to affect the power struggle behind the scenes? In the political establishment of Iran held a solid fight for the future of the system and the leading ideology. Several groups stand opposite and manoeuvre against each other. The protesters share a concern about radicalization of the political orientation of Iran and a worsening of the system to a purely by radical religious ideas of led State in which the individual is nothing. The Islamic Republic of Iran threatens to mutate into an Islamic theocracy to Shia messianic ideas. What are the forces behind and what ideology aims then to settle in all political organs and to enforce? Mojtaba Khamenei’s work already after the presidential election in 2005, which to the astonishment of all, the unknown Ahmadinejad won, the protests at the election of party politicians such as Mehdi Karroubi, only by the warning of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, could the be curbed not to endanger national unity.