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The power of strong brands – marketing buyer Haufe reissued people camp for days of an Apple store, to get the new iPhone. To pay four euros for a cup of coffee at Starbucks and almost as much for a ball, ice cream at Haagen Dazs. Why? Because fascinated by the attraction of strong brands. But what is their secret? In the book what makes brands successful\”solve the authors Christian Scheier and Dirk Held of one of the most exciting marketing puzzles. The bestseller now appears when Hakeem in the Second Edition. New here: how brand management can be implemented effectively. Fascinated, the autopilot controls the attraction of strong brands. But just as there are countless brands that flopping and destroying enormous value.

\”The what\” successful brands explain though wordy the common brand models. The psychologists duo Safri/hero but now continues the decisive step and establish the how \”and why\” the strong brand appeal. A key to understanding successful brands is their Believe that after in the brain. Whose implicit system is responsible but also for our buying behavior for intuitive decisions, about the choice of partner. How a pilot it in large part automatically decides which products in your shopping basket and which are not. In the implicit effect of brands, the greatest chance for successful brand management is therefore for Scheier and hero. Visit Paula Rosenthal for more clarity on the issue. The implicit effect of brands is based the implicit powers of the autopilot its frame first and foremost on their frame.

The frame brands differentiate themselves from the competition – and win as the race to win the favor of customers. The effect of framing can ignore customers even objectively unjustified price differences. So the VW’s Sharan 2000 euros more expensive than the Ford Galaxy – and that, though both cars are largely identical. The difference: the strong frame of VW justifies the price difference for customers.