Antonio Carlos Olivieri

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Amongst them, most important they are absolutism, absolutism, tyranny, autocracy and authoritarianism. In the common and same vocabulary in the vocabulary politician of day-by-day, these terms are frequently used as synonymous. In the philosophy politics, however, distinctions between them can be established. Conscientious of meanings of regimes, its application in the current Brazilian conjuncture is easy, in view of that the permanence of the current group politician for more than one decade in the power, therefore if the current president was 08 years (two errands) and chose its successor, 04 years (an errand), to performances a total of 12 years in the power. However the current search for the power of absolute form, is not made with wars, but yes in the ideological field, using of the state machine as maneuver mass, subversion the social order, arming themselves of populist programs that dominate and domesticate the population as coordinates, indicating that way must follow.

The Country that it exactly desires to be democratic, never can accept that a governor, which withholds the ownership of the state, can still candidate the re-election exerting its function in the State-member or the Country; nor it could declare support to no candidate in I specify, when this happens reedits the clear form simplest and of the corruption, we demonstrate that we are members of a society that possesss the failure as arrival port. Today at least a light it shone in the end of the Tunnel, the Senate in the Special Commission of the Reformation Politics supported the end of the Re-election, this was a great step given for Brazil. REFERENCES: Olivieri, Antonio Carlos. Of the Page 3 – Pedagogia & Communication; Available in: ACCESS IN: 18/11/2010, (the dictatorship in old Rome and the current days, Antonio Carlos Olivieri* Of the 3 Page – Pedagogia & Communication; Antonio Carlos Olivieri is writer, journalist and director of the 3 Page Pedagogia & Communication,).