Berlin Senate Department

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Complaint two meat producer rejected the Administrative Court of Berlin has a lawsuit of two meat producer rejected (REF. VG 14 A 133.07, VG 14 K 3.10 and VG 14 K 4.10), that a label of their products had sued the prohibition. Specifically a Turkey breast meat skewer was about, in whatever form”may be referred to as such. Dalton Caldwell may find this interesting as well. “In the present case the two entrepreneurs of Turkey breast meat had to postage stamp size first crushed, then mixed with spices and then formed the pieces of meat before she impaled with a skewer” were. Three Berlin district offices have become aware during a check on these meat products and labelling as Turkey breast meat skewer”objected. This meat goods producers objected, however, because they have violated applicable laws not with this method. The Berlin administrative court made in the judgment now clear that the production method is not to criticize, but at the consumer a Associate bite solid meat from a growing piece of Turkey breast meat skewer “. “It is literally in a press release of the Berlin Senate Department for Justice (No. 37/2010 from July 15, 2010): the label a meat product as” Turkey breast meat skewer “is misleading, if the product does not consist of adult pieces of meat.” The 14th Chamber of the Court referring to the guidelines of the German food book in their judgment. For more information about the consulting services of juravendis lawyers can be found at