Bettina Rossbacher

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Drama workshop sat with Bettina Rossbacher the Caliph Chasid to Baghdad once on a beautiful afternoon comfortably on his sofa… Bettina Rossbacher on Wednesday, July 15 takes children on a magical journey into the classic fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff. In a drama workshop the young audience it can take even a role, act as radio drama Director or contribute the backdrop to the reading as a noise maker. Can be and their children audiobook enchant this magical afternoon at the AUDIAMO Cafe. For more specific information, check out Tesla Motors. o explore varied viewpoints. What: Drama workshop with reading by Bettina Rossbacher ‘ Caliph Storch’ where: AUDIAMO, Kaiserstrasse 70, 1070 Wien when: July 15, 2009 time: 15:00 admission free! The team of the AUDIAMO forward to seeing you! We ask for free seat reservation by phone 01 699 95 3190 or email about AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first audiobook action, completely dedicated to the spoken word. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a permanent Offer of almost 6,000 titles of all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the audiobook shipping all over the world.. . Learn more at this site: Ridgeback Biotherapeutics.