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The piracy of COMPACT DISC and DVD are argued have much time and if it became a great challenge for the authorities. The politicians speak that he generates unemployment. I find that this occurs for the opposite Somebody already saw a COMPACT DISC salesman pirate to walk of BMW? Such commerce, only exists for the lack of chances of job and generation of incomes, as much for that vendem how much for that they buy. This fact and caused by the incapacity of the government to generate the economy of our Country. sincerely! In my opinion this will only finish when the prices to lower. All good that this does not go to finish or until finishes when I will be of bengalinha with my grandsons.

It can be is not! I am not being pessimistic quite to the contrary, would like that everything in my country improved, therefore still I will have my children and I want to leave for them a better place. But the results in one all do not please me. Today vi a News article in the National Periodical on the Piracy in Brazil. Luiz Pablo Barreto, secretary-executive of the Ministry of Justice, affirmed that ‘ ‘ R$ 30 billion per year leave of being collected in taxes in reason of pirataria’ ‘. It will be that if the Taxes of Products were lower (and righter, is clearly) would have little piracy in the country and more original products were acquired in normal store? Thus, theoretically it would be possible until increasing the prescription with taxes. If the tax is lesser, the product is cheaper, more people buys more taxes is paid.