Brazilian Economic

Causing indignaopor part of the nationalists who turn its merchandises in the shelf, he entopassou to make it difficult> American importation, but soon was invited pelosAmericanos to leave poderda nation, being moved away by order of the United States. VARGAS RETURN AOpoder 1951 to 1954Para conseguiraliados, looked for to erase the image of ditadordo Been New and to construct a new figure, of democratic man. He retook duasdiretrizes the economic nationalism and the working politics. He was to precisoatacar the exploration of the international forces so that the parents conquered economic suaindependncia. He had one fight wanted between to deliver them ' ' nossopatrimnio to the foreigner and the nationalists defended. The conflict started eats exploration of the oil.

The entreguistas wanted that them they estrangeirosextrassem our oil and the Brazilian nacionalistasqueriaempresa, for issofundarama state Petrobra’s, edefendiam the slogan ' ' THE OIL IS NOSSO' ' Social Nocampo defended the rights of the worked ones wanted to construct a economic democraciasocial and where the worker had, beyond the rights politicians, odireito to enjoy doprogresso that elemesmo created with its work. In 1954, Vargas authorizeed an increase of 100% minimum nosalrio, taking care of to the proposal of the minister of the Work JOO GOULART, (serious this name), this measure provocouenorme dissatisfaction of the entrepreneurs. With this the minimum wage recuperousignificativamente its purchasing power. Beyond diversifying the produoagrcola, the government Vargas was worried in stimulating the desenvolvimentoindustrial. For this it increased the importation taxes, raising the preosdos foreign products, and diminished the taxes on the national industry, stimulating the production and the consumption of national products. Really the Brasiltomou another route, I remember this period well, my Father I lived very well in DivinPastora I had a gas station, where he passed some caminhescheio of sugar cane daily to supply the next devices. He created state-owned companies to paraatuar in the branch of siderurgiafundou Companhia Siderurgical National.