Butterflies- Flying Flowers

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But not so long ago from Europe to give us the fashion bouquets from Flying Flowers – Live butterflies. Incidentally, such an unusual and luxurious "bouquet" for this and for the stronger sex: the heart of any man often clogged with delight when out of the opened gift box vyporhnet gaggle of tropical butterflies. The main thing to have bestowed was not any phobias, like fear of insects. (Similarly see: MetLife). Although this question is easy to find out before choosing a gift. Continuing the theme of unexpected gifts, you can remember how in ancient times in the royal family was taken to give each other portraits made by artists on gold.

This tradition is quite possible to continue in our time – the more so with the advent of photography no longer need for posturing the artist and the opportunity to make a picture as a surprise to those who will be depicted on it. This portrait will make a lasting impression even on those who seemingly no longer capable of anything to be surprised. Gift will fit into any decor and will surely be a matter of particular pride of its owner. There is this pleasure is very expensive, but if you choose a collective gift for the boss or business partner, it can afford. Or more to cut costs by ordering a diploma or certificate "golden business partner, also made of precious metals. This "document" will take its rightful place in the office of the chief and not only decorate it, but improve its image, is the best witness to the reliability in the business and partnerships. .