Caribbean Sea

In this profession, the hunches are a good raw material, the legends are an excellent course, and constructions or ancient paths are a high indication of success. Today, technology in this area has also had great advances, and is within the reach of anyone, just simply decide to try and live the great experience of finding something valuable in our days, but which also contains expectations of past lives, causing the hoarding of goods, product of labor, inheritances and up to large robberies. Who write, not dedicated to finding treasures, but the life I placed with the opportunity to live with close friends who have many years of experience in the field, who have invited me to participate in searches full of mysticism and magic. I have witnessed the most incredible stories of the past, from hidden treasures by fraudsters, rateros, pirates, even of the most anonymous family stories that have to do with the so dreamed treasures of the barons of the story. A year ago, following a simple and plain feeling of a friend, we embarked on a search for a boat sunk in the Caribbean Sea.

I had to start work to manipulate the Molecular Detector, and I was fortunate to find an ancient boat anchor with its string of drag in a location near to the beach. I may not have much value, but by the design of the anchor and its dimensions, some experts referred it to a Spanish schooner, but the mere fact of living the encounter with a contraption that has years under the sea, and that at some point belonged to a vessel, is an experience that stays etched in the skin. My friends are manufacturers of a computer that uses a very efficient technology to perform these searches for treasures. Usually computers that are on the market, provide two types of technologies: the radio waves and electrostatics, however the team that my friends made based operation molecular waves, what enables discriminate materials such as gold, silver, copper, gunpowder, and others in a way highly efficient, that allows you to find objects too deep and in a very wide radius of operation.