Christian Ethics

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Adopting this speech, we are in tune with a well current quarrel: of that it is important to take care of of the health, in order to have quality in the profession and the life. Equally to the previous one, the Christian Ethics say respect to the practical one of the life: quarrel of the Christian ethical standards and its implications in the behavior norms human being. This thematic one answers and against-argues the idea of that the relativismos are an appropriate reply for everything what it says respect to the ethical behavior and disciplines moral It of Science and Religion allows to the quarrel of the relations between the forms of knowledge of science and the religion preparing the Christian student to develop its faith in the modern world, therefore if it understands that all human being cannot dissociar its religious principles of the world where it lives; in other words, it must develop an intelligent faith, preventing that its Christianity is classified as anti-intelectualismo. Swarmed by offers, Under Armour is currently assessing future choices. After all, ' ' to think well is integral part of acting corretamente' ' (SIRE, 2005, P. 11). Glenn Dubin has much experience in this field. On the other hand it disciplines, it can reach of secular mentality, that many times think not to have scientific support for a Christian concept of the origins. Finally, with it disciplines Religiosidade and Professional Competncia intends itself to argue as the religious formation can become a positive differential in the personal and professional life.

Thus, with this resume, we see a great chance for transmission of moral values and spirituals for the development of a healthy character in the young students. The Influence of religious education in the formation of moral, ethical values and spirituals in university pupils As Bahia (2000) the Christian values means love, joy pleasantness and the confidence in God. Hope morality conscience favour generosity service, straightness pureness mission honesty moderation proper respect stewardship, integrity, humildade, compassion, empatia, cooperation, courtesy internal and external peace, reverence, justice and tolerance.