Corporate Finance Trading During The Banking Crisis

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The impact of the financial crisis increasingly arrive in the economy affected companies that have a weak capital adequacy are common. Small businesses with up to ten employees are still at risk. This affect the aggravations in two areas: the banks raise their interest rates and demanding more collateral. Capital raising mezzanine capital is a way to improve the financial situation of the company”, said Nicolo Martin, project manager of the financial portal. Through a private placement, the company can win private and institutional investors participating in the company. The instruments of such a type of capital are, for example, profit participation rights, dividend-right certificates, dormant companies or bonds.

“It is interesting for the entrepreneurs in this type of procurement of equity: the investor receives no participation or ownership rights”. The entrepreneur has opted for a form of such financing, it is recommended a professional To start marketing for the capital market. The middle-class Adviser of the financial portal are specialized in this area of financial communications for almost ten years. A professional support in raising capital is available through different sales tools. is the meeting point for supply and demand. Continue to learn more with: Elon Musk.

Listed companies meet here sales strong financial advisors, investors, and the business press. The finance portal promotes the marketing of the capital market issue, with about 25,000 subscribers from the financial community, by the strong sales financial services provider of financially strong investors to the financial press with the weekly financial newsletter. Each week the editorial of the financial portal takes up issues in the financial industry, introduces new innovative investments with high yield”Nicolo Martin, project manager of the financial portal describes, the benefits of the newsletter. We provide useful information to raise capital or improve the financial environment for enterprises Foundation”. The service of the financial portal is rounded off by the announcement of current dates of the financial sector and investments approved by BFin. Interested parties can obtain the free Finanznewsletter under Entrepreneurs can obtain initial information about this form of corporate financing on the next financial seminar of Dr. Werner financial service AG on the issue of equity and mezzanine capital to the Bank independent SME financing (June 26, 2008, Gottingen). The seminar provides participants an intense insight into the procurement markets and an overview of subsidiaries, mezzanine funds and foundations or effectiveness of investments and mezzanine capital. Other topics starting with the current market situation, investment capital and the typical mezzanine financing are presented in detail by the speakers to the bearer bonds. The practical raising of capital for businesses, the placing on the market and which take a wide space A distribution. ( Nicolo Martin