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For 20 years the laundry Sondershausen supplied textile services to a variety of customers from the health care sector in Thuringia, Germany. 01 March 2013, the WSS has been integrated into Bardusch textile rental services GmbH in Erfurt. The Bardusch group is one of the largest suppliers in the area of rental textiles in Germany. Danske Bank may not feel the same. With the merger, both companies have created a powerful unit that fully meets the increased demands of the market with regard to quality, customer proximity, flexibility and speed. In the Erfurt branch of rental linen company Bardusch run the washing machine almost without pause. Per day, around 33 tonnes are freed from dirt laundry. Doctor shirts end up in huge wash drums as well as the Casaque of employees of many old people’s and nursing homes in the region.

The Erfurt branch serves a total of 310 customers. After German reunification, the company was privatised and successfully continued in 1992 under the name laundry service Erfurt GmbH as a medium-sized company. Since taking over in the In 2004 the Bardusch the distinctive blue lorries of the family-owned company with its headquarters in the Baden Ettlingen’re group in and around Erfurt, to collect dirty laundry and at the same time the clean linen back to extradite. Bardusch has created a complete cardiovascular system for its customers. After a few days in the laundry lands overalls back in the compartment of that employee, to which she belongs.

The use of high-tech and sophisticated logistics make this possible. Bar codes are attached to the garments. The data of the holder are documented. So, it is always clear to whom which pants, the jacket or which shirt back to. Textile leasing is the concept has offered the Bardusch group as one of the first companies in Germany. For the customers, the advantages of renting of textiles are on hand. He saves including the purchasing of goods, need not worry about a stock and has no problems to repair broken parts or replace”, explains Branch Manager Bernd Hennecke. These advantages allow to convince more and more companies worldwide. For years when founded over 140 years ago are also international growth. Currently Bardusch operates in eight countries and washes for about 90,000 companies of the conglomerate to single man operation with together one million employees. With a total 3,900 employees of the service provider revenues of EUR 290 million 2012. Erfurt is one of currently 24 branches in Germany. As everywhere work clothing, bed and table linens, dirt-trapping mats and towel rolls are transported here by an own fleet of roll containers for editing in the laundry. Bardusch Erfurt washes not only for hospitals and nursing homes, but also for hotels and restaurants. 160 Employees are present at the site of Erfurt, and employees to provide customers with an optimal service. The maintenance of all textiles is environmentally certified according to Standards.