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In recent years, with new activity resumed, seemingly long gone in the history of public debate between representatives of the scientific and religious views on the origin of the world. The rapid development of physics, chemistry, Astronomy in the xix and xx centuries is not that science has brought victory in this debate, but simply put everything in its place. "God – gods, Caesar – Caesar's." Sphere of religious and scientific ways of knowing practically ceased to intersect. and This is a civilized combination of two views of the world by the beginning of the xxi century was not only characteristic of society as a whole, but also quite acceptable to many scientists. However, the emergence of new and worsening of old problems in one of the most important areas of modern science – evolutionary biology – was immediately used as a pretext for resuming debate on the origin of life.

True, the opponents of evolutionary biology, defending Biblical version of creation lump all species of living organisms, act today, not as religious preachers, but as supporters of a new scientific theory – creationism. Scientific nature of this theory is only criticism of Darwinism and its modern successor – the synthetic theory of evolution. Admittedly, this criticism is quite convincing and largely true. However, the content of the exhaust creationism Quote a number of places from the Bible and a tireless using a universal formula "is the will of the Creator, through which all problems are resolved. In this article I will analyze the really serious problems of classical the theory of evolution, and creationist arguments in favor of biblical interpretation of the origin of life.