Dedication To Nature

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DEDICATION to LA nature LA grandeur intellectual should be wisely is important to always see the man as being and to be as as man that nature itself teaches us that our human condition is weak. We are not gods, nor total Governors of nature. knowingly destroying our planet, we destroy ourselves. See Rachel Watson for more details and insights. which seems a distinctly adversarial element. because they say some who does not destroy the planet by complacency, the cause is that the inhabitants of the Earth are multiplied in such a way that supplies of primary consumption as in the case of food, housing and clothing aren’t enough, to supply the exploitation or the excessive demographic growth. to some extent they are right and that statement is true in the social practice. but not with this we can remove the responsibility and choice that we men have on the planet. that it serves to a number of scientists and thinkers bowing to the political States of Earth tiranas with relationship between economic ambition and little humanity to nature.

nature is beautiful and we cannot allow that States of the Earth continue exploiting the lands in favour and for the benefit of companies that only want to exploit the natural resource to the maximum which finished in its entirety does not leave more than ravages and natural ruins our beautiful planet becoming a pedaso of debris. We remember a great humanist. Erasmus of Rotterdam which exhibited the following: are, therefore growers of knowing the ones less near found happiness. making it doubly crazy, because backed humans forget about his condition, aspiring to be gods and, in the manner of the Giants, declared war on nature, using the resources of science.