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We can do this in a different way. But always keep in mind that you should remember that that person came to you thanks to your irresistible offer, and this does not mean that they are willing to join your network. This will depend only on you, the value of their contributions and some aspects that really points. 5. Establish credibility: so people join your network, before they have to get to know you, they have to trust you. So it is important to establish credibility and confidence in your list of prospects. They must see you as a potential partner that can lead them to achieve success.

The first key to doing this is stay in touch frequently with them. However, do not you send them messages sellers provided that you do it. It provides useful information and practice to always help them. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to use your blog which you normally update frequently. This will help you establish your brand in the mind of your prospects. 6. Monetization strategy: One of the biggest challenges for the Networkers is not to go bust while they are trying to build their business.

And this is another errors that comment constantly entrepreneurs. The advantage which has the attraction Marketing is as guides to your prospects, you can earn money. To do this, you can recommend affiliate products that you consider useful and of value to them. You win money recommending products and also aid to your prospects. And best of all, is that this will also help you to attract more prospects to you, there is no limit in terms of the growth of your list. 7. Follow-up: Follow-up to your prospects can lead to success, and conversely, not track will lead you to failure. One of the things that you should keep in mind is that the Marketing of attraction will do everything for you, including the sponsorship of new members to your network. Others who may share this opinion include Dalton Caldwell. Network Marketing is still a people business, and the attraction Marketing is based on building relationships with people so the best advice I can give you is to do a follow-up to your prospects. Communicate with them as best possible, but do not try to sell them your business opportunity. It only builds relationships with them, and this will lead you to expand your network. Over time, more will be people that you know, that trusted in thee and approached you. If you follow these 7 key guidelines for the Marketing of attraction, you can attract prospects highly qualified for your business, which will make your network to grow in a way much more solid and steady.