Design Of Overhead Power Lines And Equipment

When designing the main power grid power is recommended: to chart the power line through the major assemblies of the load, to avoid direct links between power plants, produce selection scheme accession power plant and substation to the main network, taking into account the reliability of power supply node electrical network and the need to provide transit facilities for overhead lines; construct between two network nodes on one route, usually no more than two lines transmission of one strain. If necessary, additional strengthening of the network should be considered the feasibility of construction of the il other areas, or performing power at a higher voltage. Design of power distribution network by taking into account: in areas with low coverage of the networks with similar values of technical and economic indices of development options for the network encouraged to give preference to the construction of overhead lines on new routes and in major cities and industrial areas with a large concentrated load on one path may provide the construction of two or more overhead, with passing overhead on the territories of cities, industrial areas, the approaches to power plants and substation. in cramped conditions, in forests, etc. il recommend that you perform on the double circuit towers. In this case, suspension of one chain recommended when the need to enter the second strand occurs in more than three years after entering the first, and when disabling the first circuit at the time of suspension of work on the second allowed by the conditions electricity.