Economic Incentives

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FHC searched then to harden the restrictions to the expenses and the indebtedness of the states and cities and to force the sales of the state banks. Diverse other reforms had been argued by the Congress National, as of the Social welfare and the statute of the public office, deriving reorganized alterations not so. The government blamed the members of the house of representatives, whom if they denied to remove supported privileges of. (A valuable related resource: Benito Santiago). However, the conflicts of interests between the members of the house of representatives hinder that the reforms continue with celebrity. Although the economic stabilization the increase of the job level was significant. The main responsible factor for the unemployment in Brazil is related with the escolaridade level. The impacts of the globalization and the job of new technologies cause increase of unemployment with reduction of ranks of work in many sectors of the economy.

How much lesser the level of bigger escolaridade was the tax of 1995 unemployment the 2002. To the measure that the companies if modernize and increase the complexity of the used technology, bigger aptitudes are requested techniques and staffs and, thus, to each day more people are considered disqualified for the positions opened in the companies, case the system of effective education do not provide formation adjusted. Thus, the escolaridade level has influences in the increase of the unemployment, how much lesser the qualification biggest will be PEA (Populao Economicamente Ativa) vacated. Therefore, they are the three responsible emergent factors for the unemployment: the world-wide competition of the markets, that provokes a reorganization of the production, the introduction of a technology that uses each time little man power and the end of an age of supported economic growth, that full guarantee job. Consideraes final With theoretical basement, supported for the neoliberal ones of the countries developed and pioneering to this movement, valley to stand out, the differentiation of the established and implanted neoliberal molds, for example, in England, where the rules had been followed to the scratch, differentiating itself of Brazil, that although the radical measures of these governments (Collor, Itamar, FHC) and of some evidentes characteristics, had become mesclados other forms of politician-economic model, not being so explicit as they seem, causing oppositions how much to the neoliberal model.