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In this direction, it contributes for the attempt of implementation of distinct a civilizacional and societrio standard of the effective one, pautado in new ethics of the relation society-nature. (LOUREIRO, 2002.p.69) Therefore, the Ambient Education is of vital importance for the ambient socioeconmico development that it needs the Region. As a strategical artifice in the ample development of critical conscience of the social relations and of production that point out the insertion human being in the nature. CONCLUSION This work has the challenge to make compatible the ambient preservation with the economic development. Although not to be an easy task, already one glimpses some changes of attitudes on the part of the communities through implementation of concrete actions of ambient control. Searching to take care of the necessities of a society that each time more makes indiscriminate use of its natural resources and accepting a model of devastador development that prioritizes production in industrial scale, without if worrying about the ambient impacts caused by rejects it inadequate of pollutants in the environment. Perceiving that this same society, starts the spoon the fruits of the secular application of this model, bringing in the day the day the problems that the governing had still not even had the interest of if placing in practical in favor of the support of the region. Mainly in conditioning the population, in programming the studied region to control the ambient quality, through a system of monitoramento and monitoring, in diagnosising the possible risks of impacts and degradaes that can occur future..