Expensive EBooks Without Added Value

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very many black sheep among authors of eBooks Mir itself, is very much on the new media eBook. It offers to get really great opportunities over the Internet as soon as possible, you need the information. To be paid and already you can download the information in the form of an e-book. Really a wonderful thing. Another aspect is that you at home no longer need much space for books, one actually just reads. Yes, I think eBooks are really very many advantages. Unfortunately, there are not only reputable providers, which then actually get the info product, that is promised in the advertising on the sales page but on the Internet.

I can even say, that it is today far more dubious providers on the eBook sector pretends that “Good”! More and more so-called authors try to come with very poorly made sales pages on maybe big money in the eBook business and supplying eBooks which bring no added value for the consumer and upset him and still looking leave for the solution to his problem. Very many of these sale sites have not even an imprint or otherwise a note on the copyright. Also, many prices are completely covered, when you consider that has the manufacturer of eBooks, no printing costs and other expenses. Since I have even already often invested my money in as empty shells, I began to worry about me, what I personally could do to make it a little harder to such dubious providers to bring your worthless goods to consumers. As operator of the eBook Bazaar, I get the opportunity to read many of the eBooks that are advertised in the bazaar at least in part. The idea came to install in I eBooks review this in my own opinion the eBook Bazaar blog is me. As readers of this blog have also the possibility to leave comments to all articles from me, the opportunity to gain insight into these eBooks and then to decide whether you want to buy a work or would rather let the fingers of stems here should. Many visitors to my blog have already confirmed to me, that this is actually a good thing, and now far less frequently get on an eBook, which is without value added for them. Morgan Stanley describes an additional similar source.

Because in this blog but very visitor comments leave little, wanted to go I still a step further and was looking for a way where eBooks can be assessed by more than one person. So I left it then, to install a forum only for members in the eBook Bazaar. I thought that in anonymity, but more people will post your experience with eBooks. This forum is still relatively new and there are still enough to brave people who want to put a stop to the black sheep in the author circle of eBooks, or them more difficult or at least their dubious machinations. So I personally will my fight against this false authors continue to fight to let alone to the reputation of Advisor eBooks not totally degenerated. Stefan Alesi