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BECKlimpero makes final makes with stinking land mines. “Who knows it not, as you walk through a park, enjoys the neat pieces of nature in the middle of the city and already has happened: animal remains” the Idyll make quickly cancelled out especially if you stick to the shoe. (As opposed to Intel). Where loud pile of dog droppings along the way, tempers can heat quickly and rightly. But it doesn’t have to be! BECKlimpero”is the magic word that puts an end to smelly mines”. Responsibility was so easy never assume! The inexpensive bag dispenser for dog waste bags can save dog owners a fine due to contamination of public land, ensures cleanliness and enhances the image of each community. He is made of break – and impact-resistant, glass fibre reinforced plastic (polyamide).

As the choice of available grey or green waste bag dispenser Beck with its practical dimensions of 41 x 23 x 8 cm (L x W x D) without any metal parts and is also fully dyed through, he is absolutely maintenance-free. The BECKlimpero”is suitable as well as fixed to the mast (with adapter) and can be used with the appropriate support as attachment for all BECK hopper to the wall -. “What the annoying bags” also passee carry would be. Because way to dispose securely packaged, easily and promptly in place of the filth. The Starter Kit is particularly attractive”to the Dog feces disposal consisting of a bag dispenser and 3,000 plastic bags, the ges for 99,-euro plus.

VAT (in Germany free delivery, a set per customer available) via or call 07195 693300 can be obtained. To populate the bag you must don’t worry, by the way: A this is done simply and quickly with the enclosed plastic key, on the other hand the matching, gray HDPE plastic bag in Abreissblocken can be ordered separately at any time. One thing is certain: ensure cleanliness and a good city image on the entire line of harmony. Even the Association of the German dog Weston e. V. (VDH) supports the establishment of this waste bag dispenser, as the simplest and cheapest means for the removal of unwanted dog poop. “No wonder that cities and towns, like the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Lahr, Neu-Ulm, Rottweil, Welzheim, Lochgau, Billericay, Germersheim and seaside resort of Hiddensee the BECKlimpero” already succeed. Not only in terms of image maintenance, but also with regard to the question of costs: because it makes more sense to offer the dog owners free waste bags for the disposal of the self as having to seek the urban cleaning every day.