Film Renaissance

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This is her second film, the first time she appeared on screen three years ago, in a picture of Sergei Ursulyak 'long Farewell ', the film adaptation of the novel by Yuri Trifonov. There was – and immediately made a small splash, having earned two awards for best actress – at the Festival 'Kinotavr' and 'Golden Ram' from the Guild of Film critics. However, her appearance in 'Euphoria' can not be explained in such a vulgar term, as 'nepotism'. Rather, Ivan Vyrypaev made his main character is it because he knew: no one else can cope, where to play an overwhelming feeling. Love, make you forget about the debt and fear, love, between life and death, love is a match for the heroes of ancient tragedy.

" Marina Davydova In our time in Russia should be a happy and successful official from the authorities, a businessman or a representative of art, mass or elite when extremes meet, so as not to perceive as a tragic era. And dream of the Renaissance, radiantly beautiful and at the same time is truly tragic, in full accordance with the genre of tragedy. The Golden Age of Athens marked the birth of tragedy, and the Renaissance in Europe Zapadanoy – sublimely beautiful and tragic era. In the perception of the tragedy of being Ivan Vyrypaev not aware that they live not just in the post-modern times (it's in the West), but in an era of decline of the Renaissance in Russia. It's time for the highest rise of the genre of tragedy, as in Spain and in England at the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries, at the end of the Renaissance, when the aesthetics of the Renaissance acquires features of the Baroque.