Financial Necessity

Soon after e, most of the time, the cigarette becomes the main personage. If it will have money to buy it, is clearly! Who does not have invents another direction. For the Love? Not, to smoke the cigarette. In the work, also it is complicated to say, therefore, great part of the people does not like what it makes. It makes for financial necessity. They study for I do not know what e, nor pra what!.

In the religion also not. Besteira discutiz it. In God? Serious case. So serious that Joe never received an email from it. When it without knowing who receives some, is of people wanting to be is It. He makes Sensible? It will be that the Direction of the Life is in the success? It is not possible.

The people ' famosas' that Joe heard to speak was depressive, ' badly amadas' , unfortunate persons, more than took care of the body that of the mind, (rare exceptions). At last, little understood of the Life to the living creature. Qui, the Russian Tolstoi Lion has reason in saying that the Direction of the Life is in the simple things. But, what they are simple things? This interests the human being? Money interests? Simple money or simple money? For the human funestos, it is better to dissimulate that It is loved. That it has a great Love. That its work is Everything. That the religion and Gods are the same things. That success it is alone for who deserves. That the life makes yes direction, exactly without knowing what Is felt. Illusion? Yes. It is always good for remembering that who of the Direction the Life is you yourselves. You will have that to invent a Direction for it! it? It is there, waiting for you. This is the problem! After some seconds, Joe caught a blank screen, a small brush, inks, and was to paint its Life. After all, nor of thoughts it only lives man, but also of practical action. If he is that he makes sensible! the morning? – It will be another day. If to make sensible or not, does not make Sensible to think for today about this. Perhaps it does not have tomorrow. knows that nor therefore the world will go to stop for you. ' ' The life will give few gifts to it If you to want a Life! He goes to have that to learn to steal it? ' ' (Provocations. TV Culture)