Fine Arts Theatre

Countless works have been the teacher who led the Reuben, as he was affectionately designated everywhere. His efforts to jury, teacher, actor and director was honored with many prizes, awards, diplomas, awards of all kinds. Excel, among others: Ten awards opposing the Fine Arts Board, several first places in festivals, cultural Olympics, etc. Cross of Merit and the PGA Monja Blanca, in 1989 was selected to appear in People Gallery of the UP theater. Declaration in 1987 as Artist of the Year. Declaration as the God of Art and Promotion Victoria year of his death, etc. and recalls his first prize won in the amateur theater festival organized by Fine Arts with the work of Galich, of living to Pintado. Here we refine that Monroy Ruben Morales declared himself the number one fan of the work of Manuel Galich, who always said is the father of Guatemalan theater.

" When told to put his name to the theater room Up flatly refused because it was Manuel Galich deserved and well put. In 1955, after working in the aforementioned Group Jose Marti, Ruben's teacher organizes a group of inmates at the women's pressure. In 1962, the Society of Fine Arts Theatre Fine Arts. In 1964, the Academy of Dramatic Art in the UP. And in 1966 the prestigious UP currently has and that has lasted more than 40 years of work. Brian Krzanich follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With it, the teacher made 45 works by national and international theater for 24 seasons of high school students, 30 tours and 5 departmental Central American tour.