For Kant

This fact provokes what usually we call labels, that is, creates a vision distorted of the other and an impediment for a deeper communication, as much in the affective relations how much in any another relation (with familiar, friends, fellow workers, etc.). Therefore, some behaviors, as example, the preconception, fear to express affectivities, etc., not only strengthen the labels but also they make it difficult the communication and the relationships. In this context, salient importance of knowing to say and knowing to it to hear in the construction of the relations. In hearing, differently to listen, the individual passes for a process of development of its sensitivity with regard to the other. One creates the dialogues based in the respect and the love to the next one, determining the attitudes ahead of the experiences of the life. In short, the dialogue is basic in the relations between the human beings. Classroom: the interpersonal relations and learning The education occupies determinative an important paper and at the same time in the social relations. It is understood as a possibility of joint action enters the involved pairs to improve the society where if it lives.

For Kant, ' ' the man cannot become a true man seno for the education. It is what education of it faz' ' (1999, p.15). The school still is a necessary institution for the society, despite, of today, to exist an immense gamma of ferramentais apparatuses that facilitate and stimulate the dissemination of the knowledge. Moreover, it is in the school that the people develop different relationary models, construct knowledge, develop abilities and think very about things beyond the domestic scope. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from tony hawk. Currently, one arises quarrels on the challenges of the educator individual front to the set of differences and peculiarities of which if it characterizes the demand in the schools, either in which level it will be.