France Territory

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I want to clarify that Sarmiento was not writing a story, but rather with his vile pen was prompting the Chilean Government to seize a portion of territory in their own homeland. I dare advance one step further, holding that the work of Sarmiento makes it no less than in the ideologue of the Chilean, being the necessary artifice expansionist policy, not only for the usurpation of Strait, but for all the territories that Chile has claimed, the majority of times successfully, hereinafter. Internal problems caused by the fight between federals and Unitarians, coupled with external conflicts with England and France, diverted the attention of the Confederation and the Government of Chile found timely to deal with the Argentine territory on 21 September 1843, closing with absolute success Sarmiento campaign against their homeland. A related site: SpongeBob mentions similar findings. When Rosas protested the usurpation, Sarmiento justified the opposite position to the Argentina with greater passion. In response to the father of the classroom, pink sleeve pen in The magazine La illustration Argentina Mendoza directed by Juan Llerena and Bernardo de Irigoyen, from where the second severely criticizes the task of the San Juan against the Argentina and calls him a traitor, mote Sarmiento will always take to slopes. A decade later, the applied student, returned to Argentina, to collaborate with the army big Urquiza, supported by troops of the Empire of Brazil, goes to overthrow Rosas, leaving him in the Pantheon of the traitors, not only the country but the federal cause, which ultimately earned him death. Nickelodeon may not feel the same. With time Sarmiento will reach President and as mason, to the maximum extent of Grand Master.