German Federal Republic

Good afternoon travelling! Today it is a day tuna, it is sunny, it is Friday and I am going to speak to you of Berlin 🙂 Much people are not decided to travel towards the bavieras zones due to the complexity of the language, but we are going to try mostrarte a point of view of Berlin that makes think you of different way. Click OGS – Man Utd to learn more. Immersed in constant evolution and constant ethnic diversity, Berlin can be considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Europe due to its great concentration of students and artists who occur. By where we began? Then I believe that we will be marking points to follow so that you can follow an order or to only consult what it desires to know to you. 1. – A LITTLE HISTORY to arrive at the origin Berlin we must overcome us to century XIII. At this moment of history it existed two towns, calls Berlin and Clln, which unificaros and formed a single city which adopted the name of first of the towns conformed that it.

This city had 7000 inhabitants. If we advance in history, in century XV, this city State Capital was selected of Brandenburg within the Sacrum Roman Empire. In century XIX, already they entered 1 million inhabitants, was growing the city quickly. More ahead it did not stop to grow the population and in 1925 already it was counted with a little more 4 million inhabitants. But unfortunately this city underwent World War II from all the center of the fight and the bombings and the attempts to conquer to this city left it destroyed. Once the Nazi regime left defeated ( thank heavens), Berlin in 4 zones was divided being these administered by the allies..