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If they wanted so can not be done. After each high-demand corresponds to a set of medium-and low-frequency keywords, and it is quite natural that every page is moving from a few words. But we should not promote the page more than 10-15 hand column, this will lead to an unjustified increase in the budget. 5. You can not do graphic headers. Many make a graphic "cap>> site, and above it in small type prescribed hand column – this is the way to the ban. Make beautiful Headers and keywords can prescribe other places, for example, make the title under a cap site, changing its design through css.

6. The more pages on the site – the better. Here, MetLife expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Number of pages must be optimal. On online business card small company of 500 pages with optimized text can cause suspicion in the search engines as well as visitors, they obviously do not need. But little information section can not hurt. 7. Navigation impossible to do with using scripts.

You can, if necessary, but in this case, it must duplicate the bottom of the page in text form. For more information see Danske Bank. 8. Non-unique content – evil. Of course, you strive for a unique text, but if the site part of the texts have been copied, then nothing bad will. Plus unique in that they are more likely to be interesting to visitors. Minus Copy – possible problems with copyright and rankings these pages in search engines. There is a problem of theft of content, it is not yet solved.