Hollywood Diet

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Perhaps, and can be called famous among Hollywood stars 5-factor diet. Dieting has become famous because it does not require any special superhuman effort, both in limiting the food, and in respect of sporting loads. Special efficacy of 5-factor diet showed in weight reduction in obese people. Author diet – Harley Pasternak, a highly respected scholar of proper nutrition and health maintenance. The idea of this power system is to reduce appetite and increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body – these miracles happen as a result should be eating five meals that can be easily incorporated into everyday meals. And, of course, this Diet also contains a trick – once a week is allocated a "day of disobedience" that is allowed to eat whatever your heart desires. In fact, this is nothing more than a way to consciousness not feel slighted. It does no harm weight loss process, because the rest of the person becomes accustomed to a rational and a single violation of the rules is merely "a prize for patience." The result of all these efforts is the result of the "5".

And in general, everything about this diet – one way or another connected with the five: five weeks – the duration of the diet (effective stimulus, which can coerce to further adherence to the rules of Harley Pasternak). Five days a week – 25-minute exercise (a principle of systemic approach). The obvious advantage of this stellar diet – lack of "star", ie unusual and exotic ingredients.