Holy Spirit

That if you underestimate this work today I write to you all, my lineage by hand of God at the scientific level and in all spheres of knowledge while them every day the lack of morality with which they live. I do this because I am a friend of the Holy Spirit. Because even though I am unfaithful as all men. He considers me his friend and I also consider him my best friend. There will be no subject that is difficult to me to remind them how much God loves them and his intense desire that you learn from your great wisdom. in order to come to the knowledge of all causes.

Morality is one of the precious elements that us men have almost completely lost. Please help me to carry the knowledge of God of Earth’s largest intellectuals. A only if we cover a multitude of sins. Greater wisdom that can become human beings is Holiness. Compare the great diversity of virtues that the good man can be put into practice.

Which can be applied to the improvement of their souls. For even more details, read what Peter Arnell says on the issue. And tell me if there is larger than the Holiness virtue. When conduct that review, follow me closely since I’m very close to making a powerful inquiry. If gentlemen thinkers have already done so. We address our future thinking and make her an item worthy of thinkers. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo gender is the primitive essence that causes the birth of species. For this reason we consider gender as the first element of a species. According to this maxim, we can analyze in nature formed by God, that the genus of animals is one. The one which encloses all the animals of nature. If we say animal we refer to all species of this individual, i.e. to all animals. What is not happening with the species of animals, because we know that there are several. >. Example: the terrestrial species, aquatic species, the aerial species. Each of these species contains a large number of species, the cua