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Yes, I talk about the same transnational company, whose matrix does not close because the government of finishes it to Obama semiestatizar. The case of the locomotives to steam demonstrates to what extent a technology is or not broken. In one comparison with its substitutes (except for property left at death), the locomotive to steam was displaced by the locomotives diesel, for reasons of efficiency. Although there is agreement no generalized on this replacement, who was compulsive, everything depended on the time interval in which that efficiency is measured. Thus a diesel locomotive can last we say 30 years and one to steam, changing to him the tubes to the boiler does not have aim almost Recently passed away the Libyan Argentine engineer (or Dante) Porthole. The same had developed a technology for the machines to steam that towards extremely efficient. Of course, that by then already almost had dismounted all the factories of locomotives to steam. In the case of zeppelines or airships, it is clear for the observer, his characteristics of disruptive technology.

That explains until some attack very promoted. The airship is alternative to the automotive one, the airplane, the train, the boat, the helicopter and the geostationary airships have derisory costs, with respect to the artificial satellites. One can collect then like I interest created, move around the technological thing. We could follow with this of relative technological obsolescence, often abroquelada under the concept of progress. That is the case of the traction to blood is human or animal. Here we jumped to the advantage of deactivated technologies and its rehabilitation as a result of the same technological development. Before the triple ecological global crisis, nourishing and energetics, a significant part of the answers to the same is the rehabilitation of considered technologies surpassed. In frequent that we apply to the notion of technology to the machines and tools.

The technologies of the communication and the information, have made more patent, than the technological thing extends which software or software has been known like. Thus also a kitchen prescription book is technology and the manual of organization of a company or agency publishes. In the context of the technologies broken and in connection with some preceding considerations, it is the subject of technologies of the poverty. Remembering the Napolen that maintained that an example usually clarifies it everything, this the case of cardboard Argentineans. Their answers to the poverty, are developing spontaneous engineering popular” , that stands out by the use and the efficient design of tools to optimize the traction to human blood and animal. With her they process the sweepings and the wastes that the built-up sectors that insertion in the formal structures of Argentina even has. cardboard, is not new, In the Argentine interior already came try their techniques for decades. The simiesco model of the industrial society never arrived for all, mainly in the small and medians populations. The things have been reverted in such a way that today the cardboard ones, that operate in family, are the unique ones which they have technological answer to move in case of a sudden power collapse East development, are become extensive, but they arrived up to here, will be able to columbrar the motivante that me the works have been from Flowers Dwelling on broken technologies, although not necessarily has made precise commentaries but on the same.