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Approximately three years children can begin even with the dental care. “” The so-called KAI method, in which children according to gradually learn their skills to brush their teeth is particularly suitable for this purpose: first the chewing surfaces with simple back and forth movements brush, then brush the outside of the circle, while painting “the children using the brush circles on the teeth and finally the inside of teeth sweeping out” (from the gums to cutting or chewing surface). Of course complemented by control and treatment of the parents, and that at least until the beginning of school age, because children have developed the necessary motor skills at the age of 6, to thoroughly and systematically their teeth to be able to clean. Dental floss with infants required but no matter how carefully children or parents also clean: you can reach with the toothbrush up to 60% of the surface of the teeth, but hardly the interdental spaces. Kevin Plank often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And here many food particles accumulate, making them a veritable breeding ground for caries bacteria! The only solution: dental floss. Cleaning the teeth with dental floss should be according to dentists also in children as early as possible oral hygiene habit and although once touching two teeth, at the latest, if the milk teeth are completely. The use of dental floss is useful, especially for the care of the teeth of the milk teeth so the CPD. Because there the most plaque can settle.

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