Leadership Aspects

The ASPECTS OF a LEADER Taking for base the fact that leadership if does not impose and yes, if conquest and as corporative environments are highly dynamic, due to load of information and modifications which is displayed, the aspects most important for a leadership in the present time are: Knowledge of the team? only knowing its subordinate, a leader will know to extract optimum of each one. Enthusiasm and fellowship? The leader who before charging, searchs the results, infects the team. To promote moments of descontrao and integration alliviates the pressure on the work and approaches the people of itself. Attention in the market? To be intent to the modifications in the businesses, makes possible the leader to anticipate changes and to prepare its team for such, preventing abrupt situations and falls of income due to the same ones. To delegate the certain people? Inside of one it has equipped meet different abilities in different individuals.

To recognize this in the hour to choose somebody for an activity is of utmost importance. To know reward-Allow the anticipated exit in the friday to the afternoon for an employee who always is made use to work until later reaching a goal is demonstrative of a bonification for given services. Innumerable aspects for the good exercise of the leadership can be cited. Most important for the leader it will be to be intent to the commanded yearnings of its, to be able to help at the decisive moments, to be just and above all, to solve all misfortunes that will appear without needing the intervention superior hierarchic levels, therefore this condition, Beyond generating consuming, can add discredit to its potential, as much for the inferior level, how much of the superior level to its.